Justified Season 5 Cast Spoiler Rapaport Joins Cast


Michael Rapaport is joining the cast of Justified for Season 5. Rapaport will play  Dale Crowe Jr., the charismatic patriarch of a Florida crime family. Crowe is an ex-convict who owns a gator farm.

We know from the first episode of Justified that Raylan and Dale Crowe have crossed paths.  When Dewey first shows up at Ava’s house in the first episode of Justified, he has his first confrontation with Raylan.  After learning Dewey’s name, Raylan asks if he is kin to Dale Crowe,  When Dewey replies they are kin, Raylan reveals that he had placed Dale Crowe in prison in Florida.

This confrontation reveals the fact that Raylan and Dale Crowe already have a adversarial relationship.  We are not sure how these two are going to cross paths again but we can almost be assured we will be seeing Dewey again.

Rapaport was recently cut from CBS’s new series The Millers.  His part was recast with another actor. Ironically, The Millers stars former Justified villain Margo Martindale.

We will be sure to pass along any new casting news or juicy gossip we hear.  Let us know in the comments what you think of Rapaports new role as Justified’s bad guy.

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