Mindy Kaling Dishes On Timothy Olyphant


Mindy Kaling recently dished about Timothy Olyphant’s upcoming guest appearance on The Mindy Project. When the Mindy Project premiered, Kaling had a wish list of men to guest star. Olyphant was at the top of the list.

Now her wish has come true and Mindy will be romancing our favorite lawman this season. Olyphant will play a middle aged skateboarder (yes you read that right) who woos Mindy.

Mindy told the Hollywood Crush earlier this month, “Well, Tim is like so funny. He came up doing standup, so no one knows how funny he is ‘cause he plays essentially modern day cowboys in a lot of the stuff he does. Or, actual cowboys like in ‘Deadwood. But he’s in all these excellent dramas and he’s so good at them and gets awards for them,” she told MTV News. “But he’s also just like a super-funny dude. So we have him playing this part. He’s basically our take on a Tony Hawk-type skateboarder, like a middle-aged skateboarder, we decided was like a funny [role].”

Tim TCA 2
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Mindy revealed that Tim is a good skateboarder. It seems he used to skate to his classes during his days at USC.

“And, of course, he did it effortlessly, which is so irritating when you’re already that good-looking,” she added. “But, yeah, so he was so good and so funny.

We look forward to some swoon worthy love scenes. There is not nearly enough of those on Justified!

Give us your thoughts on Tim’s upcoming guest role on the Mindy Project in the comment section.


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One thought on “Mindy Kaling Dishes On Timothy Olyphant

  1. I really love the idea of Tim in comedy, we see a lot of him in drama, and yes he’s very good, but in interview he’s charming, funny, intelligent, and kinda laid back (check out the Ellen interviews on youtube), he’s just so sweet and decent you can’t help loving him… so I know I am really going to love this.

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