Timothy Olphant Goes From Miami To LAX

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Justified began filming it’s fifth season this month.  Timothy Olyphant has been spotted in Miami having dinner with friend David Koechner.  The two were having dinner at the Meat Market on Tuesday October 8th.  The Miami Herald reports that according to onlookers, they were two cool, laid back guys, laughing out loud and having a bunch of fun.

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Olyphant was again spotted at LAX airport on Saturday October 12th.  Tim seems to be texting on his phone and listening to music as he waits for his departing flight.  We notice that he has gotten a haircut and dyed most of the gray out of his hair.


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It looks like our favorite marshal, Raylan Givens, will be returning to Miami this season.  Guess Raylan is checking in on this season’s new bad buy Dale Crowe and his gator farms.  Can’t wait to see what Raylan gets up to in Miami.

For more candid photos for more Tim in the airport visit here.


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